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How to protect yourself when you absorb other people's negative energy

Hello readers,

I was browsing a bulletin board where energy healers converse and I replied to a posting from a lady who was having trouble taking in other people's negative energy when she was doing healing work or just by being around other people.

The following is my reply to her. I thought you might benefit from this information as well.


Dear Cate,

I am an energy healer myself and I just ran across your posting and I wanted to reply to you. When I first began to learn about my empathic abilities, I started getting information at high volume and high speed. It was exciting at first but after a while, I could tell that if I didn't control it, it would become detrimental.

Just like the response from Jen, intention is everything when working with energy. I simply decided that I would not walk around knowing what is going on with every person that I bumped into. I made a decision (a very firm intent) to be in control of the information that I was willing to receive. So set an intent. Tell your subconscious mind that you only want to be made aware of events as a thought and that you choose to block the emotional content. Keep telling your subconscious mind your desire until it complies. It will take orders, so be firm.

Also, ask for guidance from your guides and angels around this issue. Ask them to do a healing on you to assist you in shutting out the negative noise that is out in the world. When it comes to energy, the negative energies are very loud, that is why they are the first to be noticed. They are not as powerful as love, but they are far more noisy. So you must tune yourself into silence and transmute the energy into information only. Again, all of this is done with intent.

You should also practice grounding and dumping out. Grounding is connecting the energy in your body to the center of the Earth. You imagine a ball of energy in the area of your womb just below your belly button in the center of your body. Then imagine that a beam of energy flows out of the ball of energy, straight down between your legs, through the floor, and into the center of the earth. This is your grounding cord and just like electricity in a house, it gathers and collects excess energy in your body, aura, and energy bodies and sends it into the earth. The earth uses this energy so you do not need to fear that you are doing any harm to the earth. The energy is transmuted and reused by the earth so there is no problem.

Grounding is an automatic release mechanism, almost like flushing a toilet. You should ground yourself any time you feel stress, when you want to be more "present" in the moment, when you want to release negative energies or emotions, and at the end of the day as a regular cleanup type of maintenance. It is a very healthy thing to do. When you are comfortable with this basic grounding, know that you can ground anything like your chakras, energy bodies, the energy of a room, a situation, any object, another person, etc. Let your spirit guide you on how to use the grounding technique.

In addition to grounding, after you run energy (if you run energy through your body) it is important to "dump out". You "dump out" by placing your hands (palms) and feet flat on the floor at the same time and setting the intent to release excess energy that is in your shoulders, neck, arms, and legs. This is best performed sitting in a chair where you can easily bend over and touch your hands to the ground. But do it in any way that is comfortable physically. There is no specific protocol, mostly just the intent will do.

These two releasing techniques will help you wash away negative energies that have entered your body and subtle energy system.

Remember to be empowered and take charge of your space! It is your space and you get to say what does and doesn't come into or out of it. Set a firm intention and work with your guides and subconscious to make it so.

In addition to these techniques, you can create energetic protection by intending to put yourself in a geometric shape like a pyramid, a tetrahedron, or merkaba. The pyramid is the simplest. Just envision yourself in a pyramid that is either clear, coated with a layer of healing gold energy, or even a blue energy for protection. Sometimes I envision myself in a pyramid that is made of mirrors so that the negative energy coming towards me is simply reflected back to its source. This works very nicely.

A tetrahedron is a diamond shape of two pyramids that are inverted and joined at their bases. This is one of the strongest molecular shapes in nature. It is powerful and if you envision yourself in a tetrahedron, nothing will get through to you. Use these shapes along with your intention and coat them with energy as a reinforcement. You can even program these protective shapes to let love in and neutralize negativity coming towards you or from you to others.

And one other note, as a healer it is important that you keep your vibration high. If you are really empathic, it is easy to match another person's energy and often there energy is at a low vibration because they are suffering in some way (physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually.) Practice maintaining a high state of vibration so that your patients can entrain to your energy instead of you matching their energy.

I hope this helps!

If you'd like any more information, you can contact me on my website which is




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At 4/17/2010 4:15 PM, Blogger Alex said...

"How to protect yourself when you absorb other people's negative energy"

Related to this article , what if I use a hexagram for energetic protection , instead of pyramid etc ?

At 9/28/2011 12:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The hexagram is the two-dimensional representation of the star-tetrahedron/merkaba/double-pyramid. The intent is there, so if it works for you, use it.

I feel a more complete connection to my intent when I use the merkaba and connect it to the power of my heart chakra.


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